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Molunat was thriving settlement from Greek and Illyrian times, but in the late Middle ages, during the Ottoman expansion and due to increased piracy the site was abandoned.

The locals moved away from the coast into the mainland where they felt more secure and protected from sea rides.

It’s only during the half of the 19 c. that the first families from the mainland started to return to the Bay, and on the spot of the now Villa Riva cca. in the year 1850 constructed the first house.

They where The Bećir family from the village of Pločice, 10 minutes car ride from Molunat, that used the harbour and land on the island of Veliki Škoj to make a living.

They cultivated the Island with olive trees, fig trees, peaches, almonds, pomegranates and other Mediterranean cultures.

In the basement of the house, that was made by thick stone walls to keep the air fresh, they kept fishing nets and vine and olive oil barels.

In 2010 the old house was renovated and turned into a vacation house, but even renovated it retains a touch of past times.